Monday, October 12, 2009

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

OutAThe Harvest festival has been held in Hancock NY for the last 15 years and provides the visitor with a taste of real freedom. I [highly] recommend going if you get the chance. I still enjoyed it even at 50 years old.


I awoke to the smell of grilled cheese sandwiches. A new tent had popped up over night. A cute but some what grungy young woman was happily flipping the hot golden brown answers to my breakfast dilemma.
Dodging the peddlers along Shakedown ally, I made my way to the foot of a tree, just off the path, where I could see over the lake and down into the the business center of the new community. I ate the still warm sandwiches and drifted back to simpler times when the government had no say in the business of the people and no say over our bodies and minds. If you wanted to sell grilled cheese sandwiches from your front porch you just hung a sign and started cooking. Today you would have to apply for a vending license and have your food preparation equipment inspected and approved. Then you need to get the proper zoning to be allowed to run a business out of your home and you would be forced to carry a certain amount of Insurance (in cases you get some bad cheese and someone sues you for making them sick!) You would have to file a DBA form to register your business with the government, who will want there cut of your hard earned money!
All for a fucking grilled cheese sandwich!

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