Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleanliness is next to


"Cleanliness is next to smelling good."[T L Ray]

“Belief is like a hospital where people go when they are sick of thinking. “[T L Ray]

“You were a good person before you came to believe what you believe, and you will be a good person no matter what you believe; unless you come to believe that some people do not matter.” [T L Ray]

“Living your life using a favorite book as your guide, is a little like eating only chocolate, it may feel good for awhile but it’s obviously not a balanced diet.” [T L Ray]

The only holy trinity is logic, reason and compassion.” [T L Ray]

“If the religious are good for god, that means the rest of us are good for nothing. “ [T L Ray]

“If we could just let our children come up with their own imaginary friends, the world would be a better place to live.” [T L Ray]

“Non-theistic people do not fly airplanes onto buildings or murder doctors in church.” [I read something like this somewhere]

"If people think that they will be punished for all eternity for being evil, that’s a good thing. If they think they can be forgiven at the 11th hour, that’s a bad thing." [T L Ray]

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