Saturday, July 25, 2009


Imagine if you will; you have the knowledge of the future. Nothing that will happen can possibly happen, without your prior knowledge. You cannot be surprised. This would be my definition of hell. Where would the excitement in your existence be? Now imagine once again; you can never die, the boredom goes on forever. This would =Hell2;you have to live forever knowing everything you are going to do. Every outcome of every decision, every toss of the coin, every book and movie are already in your head as if it just happened. Let’s just imagine one more thing; suppose you where omnipotent and all knowing. You can do anything and, you know everything. There is nothing you can’t do and nothing you don’t know. That would =Hell, you have the power to do anything you want but, what’s the use? You know how everything will turn out. Holy shit, what a miserable fucking hell that would be! Just fucking kill me please! No wonder god is such a miserable prick!

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