Thursday, September 24, 2009

Intelligents of The Gods

OutAMy question is; why do omnipotent beings always choose to speak to one or two people at a time? They pass the most vital “rules and regulations” off to a single person who must disseminate this high priority information to the best of their ability! This makes absolutely no sense. If a lowly creature such as humans can invent “mass media” why do all the gods seem to lack the ability? We all know that a story will change from teller to teller. This has been proven time and time again, if we do not agree on this simple fact, (get an education, start here: Google search "stories change from teller to teller"). Given that an all knowing being would know that stories change from person to person and that the message would change, why do they not speak to us all at one time? Imagine the impact that would have! “Wow dude did you hear that?” “Yeah man! My sister called from California, she heard it too!” “I must have asked a hundred people, they all heard it! The news channels are saying its worldwide! Everybody on the planet heard it!” “GOD IS REAL!” sadly this is not to be.

What assumptions can be made from this?
· Humans are smarter than the gods.
· The gods are Idiots.
· The messages are not really important.
· The gods do not care if everyone gets the message (or even the right message)
· The messages are not really from an all-powerful, all-knowing deity
· Gods are not all-powerful.
· Gods like to pick people out and give them impossible tasks.
· The people that say they have heard from gods are lying (or delusional).
· Gods do not exist.
I’m not saying any point is right or wrong. I’m just saying that if I was one of the thousands of gods who have been competing for the adoration of the lovely little humans, I would make myself stand out by talking to them all at once! Then I alone would be their one true GOD! muuuwaahahaha! “Cuz that’s how I roll!” Imagine “me” the smartest god of all! <;P

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