Friday, August 21, 2009

Christian Death Camps?

Despite what the media has been spewing lately; this country was not founded as a Christian nation! In fact it is quite the opposite. We have to fight for the separation of church and state. It needs to remain an essential component of our government. Without it we will slowly lose our right do worship or not any god we choose. If a law is passed that favors Christianity; we are one step closer to becoming a "Christian Nation". A Christian might ask; why would I care if this nation becomes a Christian nation, made up of entirely Christian laws? This could only be a good thing right? Well it sounds great but the churches already had their shot at running everything. We were given the Dark Ages (a period in which the churches were in power and suppressed anything that threatened that power buy any means necessary) The inquisitions and the witch trials just a few examples of Christian rule. Many Christians would love to see the laws of the bible strictly enforced. Still sounds great huh? Well let’s have a look shall we?
  • A father would have the right to sell his daughters into slavery. [Exodus 21:7] I have two, their college educated. I should be able to net a tidy little profit!
  • That's right slavery would be legal [Exodus 21 Slavery Rules] Good, you can't buy good help these days!
  • Wearing a poly cotton blend of fabric would be against the law [Lev. 19:19] WTF
  • Women would not be allowed to speak in church.[Corinthians 14:34] HooYa! Finally; a place I can go to get away from her constant yakking!
  • Unruly children would be stoned to death [Lev. 20:9] Do your home work or I'll kill  you with a rock, ya little prick!
  • Anyone caught working on the Sabbath would be put to death.[Exodus 31:15] Fuck yeah' at least I'll get one day off!
  • Men could have more than one wife[Genesis 4:19] Woot!
  • Wives have to be submissive [Colossians 3:18] Stay home raise my kids and clean the fucking house; now gimme' some sugar baby!
  • Rape victims would be required by law to marry their attackers.[Deut. 22:28-29 ] Serves the bitch right!
  • The death penalty for: striking a parent [Exodus 21:15] Yeah, I punched that fucker for beating my mom so many times!
  • The death penalty for: Witchcraft [Ex. 22:18] ding dong!
  • The death penalty for: Idolatry [Lev. 20:2] Vote For Your Favorite Idol Now! Dial L-E-V-202 on your cell phone!
  • The death penalty for: Premarital sex [Deut. 22:20-21] There goes 90% of the population
  • The death penalty for: Adultery [Deut. 22:22]There goes the other 10%
  • The death penalty for: Incest [Lev. 20:11-12[ Yeah, you know who you are!
  • The death penalty for: Homosexuality [Lev. 20:13] Shut Up Girl!
  • The death penalty for: Bestiality [Lev. 20:15] These fuckers need help man!
  • The death penalty for: Blaspheming God (being an atheist or believing in other gods) [Lev. 24:16] KILL! KILL! KILL THEM ALL!
  • The death penalty for: False prophecy [Deut. 13:1-5 ]Hello, psychic hotline? ...Die Bitches!

NaziCamp.jpgThese are just a few things you could be murdered for under the laws of the bible. The death houses would have to run nonstop. We would put Hitler to shame and when there was one man left alive in America, he would have to kill himself!We are all guilty of at least one of these and if you say you're not, you're a liar. Lying is a sin; the penalty for sin is death [Prov. 19:9]

You might say to yourself; this could never happen in the US, and you would be wrong. There are a lot of fundamentalist Christians in America. They are pushing their agenda and winning small victories all the time. They push trough laws on city, county, state and federal levels. If you sit silent and do not raise your voice in opposition, you are giving your consent. By not speaking up and doing your part to keep the separation of church and state, you have already giving in to Christian rule. Even a moderate Christian knows that living by bible law would be bad. That’s why we fight on all the seemingly small issues like printing “In God We Trust” on our currency. It is not representative of all Americans and must be stopped!

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