Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Holy Sabbath

Why would an omnipotent being need a day of rest? It defeats the whole omnipotent claim; if you have to “sit a spell”. The need for rest of any sort would surely indicate some sort of limit to ones capacity for non-restfulness. If something as mundane as creating a universe gets you all tuckered out, you are obviously not all powerful. A real omnificent thingy could create an infinite number of universes each with its own set of laws as easily as I pass gas, with no need for rest (although passin’ gas gets me winded!). I know the “good folk” would say; “Well…GOD said that He rested on the seventh day. He never said that He was tired. Maybe He just felt like it!” Then I’d say what would cause him to “feel like it” in the first place? Then we’re off to the races!


  1. If he didn't rest, people would think he was wicked! (As if the rest of the damn book didn't make them think that anyway)



  2. So what you're saying is that, there is "rest for the wicked".