Monday, August 10, 2009

Our only hope

Many people are getting discouraged with the world and the politics, some are upset with organized religion and some are upset with the laws that control vice .i.e.; drugs, prostitution and, gambling. They’ve realized that trying to be your brother’s keeper is very costly. I will not preach to the choir and, write about the thinly disguised holy war we find ourselves in. I won’t go on in any detail about how the war on drugs is a war on US citizens, or how consensual sex between two adults is nobody’s business, even if money does change hands.

Our government has not evolved along the same lines as its people. This is because “we the people” learn from our mistakes and, as new knowledge and experiences come to light, we sometimes find that some old laws can cause more damage than good. Our Government is very good at making laws. It’s how they make their living. They really suck at changing laws though and they really hate to overturn laws. Many laws create new opportunities for graft and corruption. To change or eliminate these laws would force some very wealthy people to make an honest living.

Change is up to us and we are making a difference. You can’t see the difference and that frustrates the hell out of you, I know the feeling. You are out here on the internet looking for answers and sharing your opinions. You found out that there are many who think the same thing you do. As long as you continue doing what you are doing and the internet remains uncensored, then change will happen. It may not come as soon as you would like but, it will come.

My biggest fear is that the people with the most to lose will target the internet. They will edit, censor, slash and burn until they have complete control over it. Sound impossible? They did it with television. The most honest news programs are on the comedy channel and, even they are biased. You may be too young to remember but, there was a time when the news was reported without any opinions or comments. It was a matter of pride among journalists and reporters to be good at telling the news without showing any emotion. They actually would apologize to the audience if they happen to let slip an emotional response to what they were reporting!

Each new generation from here forward will be exposed to the internet, exposed to new ideas and different points of view. The narrow views of their parents will no longer be their only guide in life. Everyone under the age of 26 has grown up with the internet. Their children will be the second generation to grow up being exposed to freethinking and, sharing new ideas; the internet celebrates our differences and insists on our tolerance. The internet has given us a way to argue our points of view without the threat of violence. 30 years ago, you didn’t even hear discussions between Atheists and Christians, because it might lead to violence. 30 years ago I wouldn’t even admit to being an atheist.

It has already begun [ ] let you voice of opposition be heard! Get angry! you have the right!
If you don’t voice your objections; you are giving your consent.


  1. You asked why I don't comment here.
    But you also said if I don't voice my objections, I'm giving my consent.

    That's why I don't comment. Nothing to object to.




  2. Very funny; since I didn't ask you for a hundred bucks and you never said yes then, you can just leave it on my desk.