Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tangled Web

       Anytime you put words in the mouth of god you have to defend them forever. You cannot simply rewrite the words your god has spoken every time there is a new discovery. It has been impossible for the church to keep up with the modern educated view of the world, without going back and admitting that they just made it up and nobody actually heard god say: Slugs and/or snails melt as they move, The mustard seed is the smallest seed in the world or that a house or clothing can have leprosy which can be cured buy chanting a few words while flinging birds blood about the place! The church would like nothing more than to embrace Darwin and rewrite the bible to include the fossil record, fill it with actual science but, they can’t! They are simply stuck in the quagmire of dogma and deceit  “ oh what a tangled web we weave”